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Special Offers

Upgraded Suspension

Australian roads demand better suspension. American 5th Wheelers are not built to handle even our sealed roads over the long term. They will break springs, it is only a matter of time. To combat this, and to provide you with a superior product, we upgrade and strengthen the suspension on all our 5th Wheelers. The chassis is reinforced, the outriggers are doubled in strength to support the walls. We also dismantle the nose and strengthen the pin box area and add steel reinforcing to prevent cracking and breakage. It's included FREE in the price. Just another way we try to keep you moving!

Full Volume Compliancing

There are two types of compliance - Full Volume and Trailer Plate. Nearly all American 5th Wheelers are imported with Trailer Plate Compliance. This limits the size of the vehicle to around 30'. We are the ONLY importer to offer Full Volume Compliancing on any vehicle. It comes standard on our models over 30'. You will see a notice on the Floor Plan page when this is included in the price. To get more details of this offer, please call us and we will send you an information pack.

Free Driving Training

For our 5th Wheel customers we will include a full orientation and driving course to familiarise you with these easy-to-drive vehicles. We'll show you the braking system and the safety features up close. (Remember these vehicles don't need a special licence - just a regular car licence, no matter what the size.) We will show you the manouvers that you would not have thought possible, so when you leave on your trip it will be with the utmost confidence. Just another way we take care of you!

Free On Roads

12 months registration is included in the price. This way you are assured of getting your vehicle registered, compliant, and on the road. No hastles, just plain sailing. Just another way we give you piece of mind!

Free Orientation

This is one of our customers favorites. Because there is too much information to gather in just a few short hours, we include for free a complete orientation over a one week period. If you stay locally in a caravan park for a week we will come down and show you the features of your RV and teach you how to use everything. This is one of the services that our many customers rave about. A couple of hours each day will easily demonstrate the complex systems and maintenance of your vehicle so when you leave on your big trip you will be a lot more confident about managing your vehicle and your needs. Now you can get on with the pure enjoyment of traveling!

We have many other features as standard. Please call us with your questions and we will be happy to help walk you through what is important to know.